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Negative Pressure Isolation Chamber with Exhaust Storage
This is a recently filed patent and has the legal status of patent pending.

  This invention is designed to minimize the risk for health care workers with transporting or emergency treating patients afflicted with a highly contagious disease. Filed August 7, 2014


  This invention is similar in appearance to the Frank Didik designed, Bubble Bunkers (www.BubbleBunker.com), which were first developed in 2001, however it functions in the exact opposite manner. Instead of protecting the injured person in a disease free environment, through the use of a highly filtered, positive pressure chamber, this new invention is a negative pressure, sealed chamber and unlike other portable negative chamber stretchers and gurneys, this novel invention stores the exhaust. This is particularly important when dealing with a person who is afflicted by a highly contagious pathogenic disease. Prior to this invention, most negative pressure chambers utilized high efficiency filters such as HEPA filters and or sanitizers, such as UV light, radiation or other similar methods. The problem with those methods was that the efficiency was a maximum of 99 percent, but not 100 percent effective. This a certain amount of the pathogen was released into the environment. Further, many virus's can not be contained through the use of HEPA filters, as the virus is smaller than what a HEPA filter can capture. This invention offers a temporary solution when transporting or temporarily caring for patients with highly infectious diseases.

Portable Negative Pressure Stretchers

Portable Negative Pressure Isolation Chamber with Exhaust Storage

The method of using a holding cell or tank rather than releasing the filtered and or sterilized air into the environment is protected under filed United States Pat Pending 62034425

This system is a completely sealed, self contained portable transport, negative pressure isolation chamber and the exhaust is stored to prevent pathogenic microorganisms from spreading.

scale model

  Portable self contained, completely isolated, negative pressure stretcher/gurney mockup. This unit is designed to run for up to 6 hours on battery power, while not releasing the internal atmosphere into the environment. It is ideal for use in an ambulance, in a helicopter or other aircraft or in the field, as a temporary, complete isolation chamber.



Examples of the original Bubble Bunker designs.

Please go to the www.BubbleBunker.com website for additional information on the existing positive pressure clean rooms.